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Hi All~! My name is Syida.
A blogger since 2004. An Introvert.Here to share my stories. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing it.
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Unbelievable..but yes I manage to drive to VivoCity and back home safely.
 Although I admit, twice i got horned! Lol!

I picked up Syafa at her place at about 2.30pm. Went to Shell to top up the fuel and off we went.
Syafa had to become the GPS!
All went well except that when we almost reached VivoCity,
 we missed the junction and end up going all the way to Sentosa. Haha! 
Being not familiar with the place, I almost went into the autopay lane, and thats when I was horned! Damn!
But I manage to reverse and go into the correct lane.

The parking at VivoCity was ok. The spiral lane is not that narrow. So, still fine with me.
On the way back, I was horned again during changing lane.
 Too bad my fault, but the taxi driver also don't want to give way. pfft!

Hmm..Maybe I should drive more often ey.
The only thing that I hate about driving is the thought of having to "borrow" the car.
Haiz..Shall not talk about it.
Being a family, I wonder why is it so hard to help others.
Does raising the voice solve the problem.
It;s ok..I shall prepare the Cashcard..but yeah I will use the car. 
Hack Care..I pay for the fuel ok!

Good Nite:)


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