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Hi All~! My name is Syida.
A blogger since 2004. An Introvert.Here to share my stories. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing it.
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"Me" Time

Today..I don't feel good. I don't know why I felt very insecure.
Everything doesn't seems right.
Lonely. Pathetic Me.

I decided to go out..perhaps watch a movie.This is the first time I am watching alone.
I've seen the trailer before so I settle in for TED.

Funny Movie Indeed. It's rated as M18. So paham2 jer lah.
Full of vulgarities..ha ha but who cares as long as it can make me laugh.
Well, watching movie alone is not bad after all.
Only the fact that they had to give me a seat next to a couple seat when there are other plenty seats.
I can't helped feeling lonely and start imagining things. Arghhhhhhh...
And the actor in this movie had that muscular body and I can't help thinking of someone.
Damn...I need to get him out of my mind. 
Goodness sake, I haven't even met him.


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