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Hi All~! My name is Syida.
A blogger since 2004. An Introvert.Here to share my stories. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing it.
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Walking through slowly mainly because most of the people have went off for their Xmas Leave.Since I have some free time now, I decided to pen my thoughts instead.

Ever since November last year, I have made a goal to myself that I need to lose weight.
Yes, it has been my goals for so many years but the goal always failed. LOL! So for this time, I really make it a point to work on it.

I have been taking Herbal Life sin Last year Nov. Just solely on it, I manage to lose 8kg.
I was of course the most happiest woman but after that I started to slack but I manage to maintain my weight.

This year in August, my friend decided to enroll for AMORE Fitness and ask me to tag along.
With herbalLife & Exercise, I manage to lose a few more kilos. But Somehow, I find that my weight are rather stubborn, it sits on one figure for so bloody long. Maybe it's just me. Ha Ha.

Up to date, I have lost 10Kg and am working more on it.

The satisfaction I feel when people compliment me was Amazing! =)


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