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Hi All~! My name is Syida.
A blogger since 2004. An Introvert.Here to share my stories. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing it.
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Sick, No Sense of Motivation & Demoralised

Eventually I fall sick on Thursday & went to the doc to take on MC but was not given 2 days MC. So today, I visit the doctor again to extend my MC but ended up being put on Nebuliser instead due to the extreme phlegm that I am having & that causes me to have difficulties in breathing. Alhamdulilah, I can breathe in peace now &s till recovering from my cough.

At 3pm, I was being asked by my GM at work to dial in as there was an important announcement that need to be made. I know what it was about as my colleague Julie have WA me in the morning to relay the shocking message to me. Yes, one of my colleagues, HY was asked to leave the company & was given a 3 months notice. All this while, when someone leave the team, we somehow expect it and not surprised by it. But this time round, it was quite a blow & somehow a lot of the lower level ppl are not really happy about this.

The reason the management gave was they were restructuring & they find that the position HY hold is not necessary & they will instead hire an Asst Brand Manager. Seriously, I begged to differ. Do they really know what kind of work she does & what shit she have to go through. Will the Asst Brand Manager do all this background work? Yes only the lower level will know what we go through. My JD is somewhat similar to her and so I roughly know how tough it is to coordinate with our distributor on certain things & at the same time meeting the demand of each individual Key Accounts.

However, rumours are spreading stating that the actual reason why she was asked to leave was because my functional boss YG & her direct boss complains about her & they are not happy with her attitude because she dun talk. This annoys me. What is this all about not talking. Even my functional boss, YG have been approaching my team that we need to talk more. Urgh!

HY, I can describe her as a young capable lady . However, the setback that she have is her attitude. She is kind of loud & rough. Her speech can be considered rude. She always use vulgarities, though not to anybody else but just to release her anger and frustrations. However, she always voice out her opinion and will always respond is she feels things are not right. SO which part of her is not talking?

YG, My functional boss. Can I just bad mouth him here? Seriously, I gave up on him a year ago. He is the most lazy manager that I ever encounter with. Everything you asked him, he does not know. Even simple Excel , he don't know to navigate.The moment he open his mouth to talk, I can feel my blood pressure rise up..coz the things that come out from him mouth are all stupid things. All this while, I have been doing everything on my own without any guidance from him. I face the shit alone. I'm lucky now I have another Lady JL who can assist me in some things which I don't know. But she is just 6 months old in the company & her JD is way different from me. Everyone have been complaining about him, but he still survive in this company. So who is he to complain abt HY? Furthermore, he ever told me that he dun like HY because he finds her aggressive.

So now, a person who don't talk much can be asked to leave the company. Since when our position requires PR skills? Look, we talk when necessary.. we talk about business..about work. Honestly, I dun have time to go around and chit chat to all other ppl. I have tons of things to do & I'm doing it alone. By nature, I am a quiet person, but that doesn't mean I don't talk. I talk important & valuable things not go around and talk just to fill up my time.

On a serious note, I'm losing faith in this company & my heart is no more here. Maybe I should go..:(

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