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Hi All~! My name is Syida.
A blogger since 2004. An Introvert.Here to share my stories. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do writing it.
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Mission Possible

So what's all this about the mission possible? 
I made a mission to lose weight. LOL! I know nothing new right. Every BTBs will be going through this phase somehow. Ok so how am I going to make this mission possible.

First - I welcome myself to the Amore Club again but this round I'm determine (Chey!)
My previous membership expires in Aug last year and since then I took a break. Honestly, it was such a waste of money during that time because I did not utilize the whole package. Well, I was mainly at the Bugis Outlet. Though it was quite near to my workplace but it was so far to go back home & my package which I sign up did not allow me to enter Tampines 1 Club. 
So this time round, I sign up at Tampines 1 Club. Little did I know that Tampines 1 Club have this package by entry. Damn! If I know I would have sign up at Tampines 1 in the first place. Bugis outlet did not recommend me that kind of package. Well, what past is past. What's important is now! =) 
Second - I invested to Herbalife again!  I know there are some people who are not keen in this meal replacement kind of thing.I have tried this before & it works for me. I drop almost 15kg when I was on this previously. Of course, you cannot depend on meal replacement totally. You will need to exercise as well to get your desire weight faster.When you do combo = you lose weight :) 
This was me back then. Oh my Gawd!

I will share on my journey back then on another entry. For now, I am starting back on Herbalife. Insyallah, I am able to resist all those sinful food. Goodbye fastfood, OCK and my teh tarik - for now! :P
My mission starts yesterday with an evening jog. 
Jiayou! Fighting! Ganbatte!
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